Community Tree Planting, May 2009

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Director of Urban Forestry Marc Welch, with Newton Tree Conservancy director Jack Wittenberg holding the first tree lilac to be planted, checks for any minor pruning cuts required.

A bare-root tree with its roots spread out, ready to be covered.

The tree gets its first watering as the soil is filled in.

Marc Welch explains the Treegator bag, which the homeowner will fill weekly with 20 gallons of water, unless there is a steady soaking rain, to ensure the tree gets enough water. Treegators provide drip irrigation over several hours.

Deb Howard and Katherine Howard spread out the roots of a tree.

Homeowner Cheryl Forte, left, neighbors and volunteers, and Marc Welch wait as the water is turned on.

Volunteers Frank Howard, left, and Jack Wittenberg clean up, as Katherine Howard finishes watering at 907 Watertown Street.

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The Newton Tree Conservancy is a new non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to better stewardship of our trees through community outreach and educational programs, and by raising funds for the preservation and planting of trees in Newton.


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