Spring 2016 Community Tree Plantings complete

We planted another 77 trees, some at our April 9 training for participants, and most on our big planting morning, Saturday, April 23. Here are a few photos.

Director of Urban Forestry Marc Welch at training, shows what a bare-root tree looks like. Bare root trees retain more of their fine roots during harvesting, and being very light without a soil ball, are a lot easier to plant.

Marc Welch_bare roots_webPlanting training on Beethoven Ave included seven new trees along Richardson Field. Green Decade covered the cost of these trees, as part of their Earth Day celebration.

Planting training_digging hole_web

April 23 was a bit rainy, but ideal tree-planting weather. Keeps the roots from drying out. You can see these trees on Princess Ave, near Wellington Park.

Princess Rd muddy_web

Nate Cenis from Bartlett is a regular volunteer at our tree plantings. Rick from Byrd Ave had organized trees on his street before Newton Tree Conservancy even existed, and NTC president Julia Malakie grew up around the corner on Waltham Street, and knows this neighborhood.

NateCenis Rick & JAM_web