Scenes from our Spring 2016 Community Tree Plantings


Beethoven planting group_web

Posted this once and it disappeared! Here again are a few shot from our April plantings. We started with planting training on Beethoven Ave on April 9 and planted 11 trees, including seven berm trees alongside Richardson Field, the cost of which was contributed by Green Decade as part of their Earth Day celebration.

We plant mostly baMarc Welch_bare roots_webre-root trees, which retain more of their roots in the harvesting process, and are also easier to handle, being very lightweight, but they are only harvested twice a year, in mid-April, after the ground has thawed at the nursery near Buffalo, N.Y., and in November after leaves have dropped. Here, Director of Urban Foresty points out some new root growth.

Beethoven tree watering_web

The green bags you see on newly planted trees are for drip irrigation. They hold about 20 gallons of water and need to be filled once a week, spring through fall until leaves drop. With a TreeGator (or similar brand) you know the tree is getting 20 gallons; it’s not running off into the street as a sprinkler would.


April 23 was our main planting day, when we did most of the 84 new trees. We had cool weather and a light rain, very good for not letting the fine roots dry out during planting.

This was on Princess Ave near Wellington Park in West Newton. We’ve been using snow stakes wherever people are worried about snowplows or keeping trees visible, especially where there is no curbing.

Princess Rd muddy_web

Nate Cenis from Bartlett is a regular volunteer at our plantings.

NateCenis Rick & JAM_web